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Misfit Williams Live

Misfit Williams Bay Area Band


This band has the versatility to fill a rocking night club or entertain a laid back acoustic venue with their extensive playlist and instrumentation options  reflecting decades of musical experience and professional performance. These musicians clearly enjoy themselves and reflect the mutual respect, friendship, and appreciation that every collaboration sets out to attain. 

Misfit Williams Solo Acoustic

 The frenetic energy of The Misfits melded with the deep lyrical soul of Hank Williams.  Chris performs an eclectic blend of originals with uniquely performed cover songs  With a full set of Misfits songs done on an acoustic guitar, the sing-along never stops!

Misfit Williams Sacramento Band

Chris recently relocated to the Sacramento area and soon after Misfit Williams Sacramento was born!  A little dirtier and more aggressive this power trio is ready to blow the doors off of the Sacramento music scene!  Screaming guitar riffs layered over a jazzy technical rhythm section separates Misfit Williams from the pack. Upcoming shows will be listed here soon so check back often. 


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